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"Considering Income Property Investing? Want to Buy Rental Properties? Read on and Learn How."

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I strongly believe that rental property investing is a great way to build long-term wealth. And anyone can buy an investment property with the right guidance... especially when that guidance is 100% free! Looking to help save for retirement? How about your kid's college education? If so, then investing in income property may be the perfect solution. Rental properties offer a unique combination of leverage, free equity, and price appreciation...all of which add up to a very powerful wealth building formula.

My goal here is to provide a 1-stop source for free tools & realistic advice to help you get started and ultimately succeed with rental property investing. I want to be your "property guru"! If you're brand new to rental property investing, a good place to start would be the site map, which is organized by topic so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

My hope is to help YOU decide if investment properties are for you, and if so, show you the best way to do it. As I'm sure you know, real estate investing can be done in a variety of ways. But only one strategy clearly stands out as being the best and safest way to dip your toes into the market, and I'll show you why (and how). Buying and holding 2-4 unit multifamily investment properties allowed me to fund my 3 kids' college educations without impacting my regular, full-time job.

This site will tell you how to execute this strategy to accomplish whatever long-term goals you may have. Yes, 2-4 unit rental properties are the focus of this site, but the info applies to practically any long-term income property investment approach. So, read on and say 'goodbye' to the rental property learning curve!


  • Why real estate investing is a long-term proposition
  • Why small, multi-family investment properties win
  • How to start buying income property
  • How to “run the numbers” to avoid overpaying
  • How to finance your purchase
  • What to look for in investment property mortgages
  • How to excel at rental property management
  • How to minimize risk
  • How to structure your investment property insurance plan
  • How to find the best resources to analyze rental rates in your market
  • And much more


Yes, you CAN do this. This site provides all the tools and info you need, but this is not a get-rich-quick approach. As with any lucrative investment strategy, to be successful you must:

  • Dedicate ample time to learn the ropes prior to diving in
  • Have a long-term view (5-10 years +)
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Already be earning a steady income
  • Have at least some free time
  • Have the courage to take on managed but incremental risk
  • Be willing to deal with people from all levels of society

Investing in rental properties takes time and effort, but it’s extremely straightforward if you know how. And, as your property guru, I’m going to show you how. No hype. No nonsense. Just the realistic, actionable information you need to launch your real estate investing business, avoid the common pitfalls, and maximize your odds of success. Follow my blueprint and you WILL succeed!

Learn Real Estate Investing. Start Here for the Basics Starting from scratch? You need a primer. Learn real estate investing basics, right now. Serving up the info you need; always free, always unbiased.

Best Real Estate Investment Strategy for Part Time Investors Best real estate investment strategy? In today's market, small multifamily rental property investing is the safest way to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Rental Property Valuation: How to Analyze an Investment Rental property valuation is all about knowing what to look for, and running the numbers to assess each investment. Here are some free tools & guidelines to show you how.

Buying Rental Property: 5-Step Framework for New Investors Successfully buying rental property requires the right framework & analytical tools. As your property guru, I am offering you a simple 5-step process and 2 free spreadsheet models to get you started.

Investment Property Financing Tips Investment property financing comes in a variety of flavors. Learn how to get the most desirable mortgage while minimizing your out-of-pocket expense.

Optimizing Rental Property Cash Flow Boost your rental property cash flow by gradually increasing rental revenue and decreasing monthly expenses over time. Best bet: Put it all in a reserve account.

How to be a Landlord for Multifamily Investment Properties Real world tips on how to be a landlord. 25 FREE Forms. Info on tenant screening, security deposits, pets, risk minimization, Section 8, and more.

25 Free Real Estate Forms for Landlords Library of free real estate forms has everything you'll need to be a landlord. Contains 25 forms ready for immediate download.

Rental Property Insurance Recommendations Rental property insurance is the most critical component of your risk management strategy. Learn what coverage levels & riders you need to protect your investments like a fortress.

Introduction to Landlord Laws Landlord laws vary by state, but most follow the same general blueprint. Understand the commonalities first before researching your state's specific requirements.

Real Estate Investment Tax 101 Introduction to real estate investment tax for 2-4 unit properties, including an overview of tax benefits as well as expense categories.

Foreclosure Investing: Proceed with Caution A foreclosure investing strategy can be tricky. Learn why new or part-time investors should avoid pre-foreclosures and focus on bank owned real estate.

Investing for Retirement? Consider Real Estate! Investing for retirement is obviously a long-term proposition, which makes multifamily rental properties the perfect solution.

Guide to Selling Investment Properties Selling investment properties: Learn about selling costs, how to set your price, and how to maximize your rental property’s desirability.

Comprehensive Real Estate Terminology Library If you are looking for a primer on real estate terminology, this is it. This detailed investment property glossary is one of the most comprehensive you will find anywhere.

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