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Best Practices for HOA Duties and Responsibilities

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HOA rules are often gray


Home Owners Associations often face a dilemma when presented with property maintenance or repair issues.  The housing charters often define the scope of the repair issues that fall within the umbrella of the HOA, but more often than not, there are gray areas which make it hard to draw a clear line. 

The deciding rule in such cases is to identify whether the fix is called for because of structural or secondary reasons.  The HOA will generally take responsibility for all structural issues while others will have to be shouldered by the individual homeowner or landlord.

The HOA would do well to create a quick reference guide articulating the maintenance issues to be owned by homeowners and the HOA.  All the rules must be derived either directly or through logical interpretation of the governing documents of the housing community.  They would also do well to identify priority levels and response times for each priority code.  This is also often in the best interests of the HOA, for not only will it provide clarity to all residents, but will also be able to avoid possible lawsuits due to negligence.

If you need more information on the ins and outs of homeowners assocation duties and responsibilities, click here.

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