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Build vs Buy

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Build vs Buy


Sometimes, when you are in the market for a new home or rental property, there’s a good chance that you may not find what you are looking for. Often, we have this vision of the perfect property in mind, and nothing that we see on the market measures up to expecations. In such a scenario, you may well be tempted to ditch the home communities and just go ahead and build what you want. 

Nothing else guarantees that you will have all the features and amenities that you are looking for whether it be a home or investment real estate. That said, building vs. buying is a huge dilemma and is something that most first time homeowners or landlords face.  However, building is a huge commitment and is not something you should take lightly.  There are several aspects that require weighing, and it is important that you think through the idea completely.  After all, once you sign on the dotted line of the builder’s contract, there is no turning back.

Have you considered zoning permits?  How well will your dream home fit into the neighborhood?  Will your investment pay off in terms of suitable appreciation?  These and several other questions call for your careful consideration. For more detailed advice to guide you through this dilemma, continue reading here.

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