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Do Not Let Tenants Do This to Your Investment Property

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A friend of mine sent me a link to this YouTube video, and as soon as I started watching it I just knew I had to feature it on one of my blog posts! The video is entitled “Nightmare Rental Property” and once you start watching, you’ll know why.  The video shows the landlord walking through his investment property for the first time after his tenant of 1 year moved out (I would assume via eviction).  Watch it below…

The video is funny because it plays the scary music from the Halloween movie franchise.  The first thing you’ll notice as the landlord begins to enter the apartment is all the bugs and flies buzzing around (not to mention the 500 or so that are dead on the floor!).  The landlord then enters the kitchen, which has trash, dirty dishes, and spoiled / rotten food lying around everywhere.

Then, he walks into the bathroom, and let’s just say that you have to see it to believe it.  The presence of feces all over the floor (and the walls) wasn’t even the worst part of the bathroom!  In fact, between the kitchen and the bathroom, the smell was so bad that the landlord almost put the kibosh on the video right then and there!

The next room we see is the bedroom.  Here again, we see nothing but trash.  The bed is still there, but it is filled with dirty dishes, trash, moldy food, and yes – more feces!  One of the final things we see is the inside of the refrigerator, and it is filled with hundreds of maggots and other types of bugs.

The landlord states that it was the worst condition he’s ever seen in his 30 years of renting a property.  Yes you heard that right; 30 years!  So, if you have a rental property already, or you are just considering buying a property, do whatever you can to make sure your investment does not turn into something like this!  Yikes!

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