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Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

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If you engage in rental property investing for any period of time, you will likely come face to face with a bedbug infestation sooner or later.  The bedbug problem is on the rise, so it’s useful to understand how to deal with this situation.

In the past, the only known way to eliminate a bedbug problem was to engage in chemical warfare.  But now a new method has emerged – simply bake them to death! 

Research has shown that jacking the heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for 4-8 hours is an effective way to eliminate bedbugs and also kill their eggs.  This tactic enjoys a 95% success rate.  In fact, you can actually purchase heaters for this exact purpose on the Internet, and they can cost anywhere from $300 to $8,000 for a professional model. 

The main advantage is that this method is usually 100% effective in just one treatment alone.  Additionally, with this method you will not have to worry about chemicals making your tenants sick.  Finally, it saves the tenant from having to throw out any previously-infested pieces of furniture. 

Of course, this method has downsides as well.  First and foremost, the use of heaters for this purpose is dangerous because they can create a fire-hazard, and can also generate enough carbon dioxide to kill. Because of their inherent danger, these heaters are often prohibited for consumer use by local municipalities.  Additionally, untrained usage of these heaters could create hotspots that could literally melt electronics that are heat-sensitive.

For these and other reasons, this process is not something that landlords or tenants should try and do themselves.  This is beyond the scope of what you need to do to manage rental property!  Call in a professional exterminating company for this type of situation, and let them come out and inspect the problem and make a recommendation.  You may find that the decision between thermal heat and chemical treatments comes down the intricacies of your specific situation, so always have a professional provide you with a detailed proposal.

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