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Finding Your Perfect Rental Property Agent

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If you are new to rental property investing, the first person you will need on your team is a real estate agent, because without one you’ll be hard pressed to make a purchase.

Requirements of a Good Agent

You’ll want an agent that specializes in investment properties because this segment of the market is dramatically different than the primary residence segment.  For example, the negotiating strategy is different, the emotional element is removed from the transaction, and the market has more channels to find “hidden” listings. 

Also, when looking at rental properties, you’ll have to work around tenant’s schedules, and having an agent that knows how to communicate with tenants can help in many situations.  For example, if the tenant is unaware of the appointment (very common), an agent skilled in pacifying the tenant so that you can view the property while you are already there will save you a lot of aggravation. 

Where to Find a Good Agent

Here is what I recommend: visit and do a search for investment properties within your market.  Within your search results, count the number of investment property listings per real estate office.  Call the listing office that has the most properties for sale and say that you saw a property that you would like to inquire about.  You will be transferred to the listing agent, who likely will be the primary rental property agent within that specific office.  Tell that person you are looking to buy rental properties for investment purposes, and simply ask if you can be their client.   

Working with Your New Agent

Assuming you are ready to start buying rental property, ask your new agent to send you all the active rental property listings in your target area.  Then you can run some numbers, do some drive-bys, and ultimately set up time to physically inspect the top few possibilities from the full list.  If you ultimately find that you do not like working with the agent, just rinse and repeat via

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