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Indianapolis Housing Market Update

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This helped the Indianapolis housing market

With a population of 840,000, Indianapolis is one of the most densely populated capitals in the Midwest, and as such the Indianapolis housing market has historically been relatively vibrant. Offering up a strong and stable economy, some choice universities, a vibrant sporting culture, and a clean, safe and friendly environment, Indianapolis at the moment is an excellent destination for couples looking to raise a family or buy a rental property.

Considering its many attractions, the real estate market in the city hasn’t kept pace with its growth. In fact, growth has been negligent since way back in 2006. With homes selling for about 87 percent of the list price in 2011, dropping from 89 percent in 2010, the Indianapolis housing market is very much a buyers’ market as of now.

Locals were really counting on the February 6th Super Bowl match to give the city some eyeballs. The Indianapolis housing market may not be in a complete recovery, but things are definitely beginning to look up, and with some timely publicity, Indianapolis may get just the boost it needs to get things moving again. Whether you’re a landlord or a homeowner, to read a more detailed report with facts and figures on the Indianapolis housing market, click here.

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