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"Descriptions and Overview of All 25 Free Landlord Forms"

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  • Rental Application – Filled out by prospective tenants. Collects information for screening purposes.

  • Applicant Denial Letter – Informs prospective tenants in writing that their rental application was denied.

  • Property Cheat Sheet – Summary of the key attributes of your apartment or property, which is useful when "selling" prospective tenants over the phone. With this, you won’t forget to mention any of the key facts.

  • Telephone Prospect Datasheet – Captures key info about potential tenants who call you in response to a "for rent" ad or sign. Acts as a screening tool. Useful for starting a file on the person if he/she becomes a tenant.

  • Holding Deposit Agreement & Receipt – Form used to accept a deposit from a prospective tenant. You might want to consider getting a deposit – to be held in good faith while you execute the screening process – if multiple people are interested in the same apartment. This way, you can quickly weed out those who are not serious.


  • Apartment Lease – Legal agreement between you and a tenant to rent an apartment. Note, this lease is not appropriate if leasing a condo or coop unit. Also, this lease is designed to be somewhat generic (i.e., not state-specific). Your agent probably can provide you with a lease you can use that is specific to your state, which, all else being equal, would be preferable.

  • Move-in / Move-Out Inspection Checklist – Detailed inspection checklist designed to log any defects in the apartment. The "before and after" will be compared to clearly show what vacating tenants must pay for.

  • Smoke Detector Addendum – Apartment lease addendum that encourages tenants to proactively replace dead or dying smoke detector batteries.

  • Lead Paint Disclosure – Informs tenants you have no knowledge of the presence of any lead-based paint on the property.


  • Rental Payment Receipt – Use this if a tenant wants a receipt for a cash rent payment.

  • Incident Report – Used to document tenant behavior that is illegal or unauthorized. Useful for eviction evidence.

  • Violation Letter – Used to document a lease violation. Useful documentation for eviction evidence.

  • Notice of Intent to Enter – Used to formally let tenants know that you need to gain access to their apartment, most often for the purposes of making a repair. Regular usage of this form can get cumbersome, but I would say that it is optional, so use your own discretion.

  • Notice of Intent to Vacate – Tenants should complete this form to provide written notice that they will be moving at the end of the lease term.

  • Sample Lease Addendum – Use this as a template for any miscellaneous addendum that you need to attach to an existing lease.

  • Sample Security Deposit Refund Letter – This sample is specific to the state of NJ, but you can look up your own state's laws and incorporate them into this template.

  • Deposit Assignment & Release Form – Used when a vacating tenant wishes to assign his/her security deposit to someone else. For example, if a vacating mother’s son is moving in, she may wish to help him out by "transferring" her security deposit to him. Essentially, it's a gift.

  • Tenant Welcome Letter – Documents key information for inherited tenants (when and where to pay rent, rules, etc.).

  • Move-Out Datasheet – Provides important information to tenants when they are getting ready to vacate.


  • Garage Lease – Legal agreement between you and a tenant to rent a garage.

  • Storage Facility Lease – Legal agreement between you and a tenant to rent a storage facility or out-building.

  • Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk – Used by landlords for indemnification purposes. This acts as an added deterrent against tenant lawsuits.

  • General Release – Used by an individual (the "Releasor") to release all claims against another person or company (the "Releasee"). By signing this document, the Releasor will release the other party from all claims, not just 1 specific claim. This acts as an added deterrent against tenant lawsuits.

  • Promissory Note – Used to document loans to/from the LLC and you as its single-member owner. Helps reduce the perception of co-mingling.

  • LLC Bonus / Salary Payment Agreement – Used to document "withdrawals" you make from your business. Helps reduce the perception of co-mingling.

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One Response to Descriptions and Overview of All 25 Free Landlord Forms

  1. LL says:


    First, I want to thank you for such an informative site. Second, I was wondering if your forms are valid in any US state? I am based in New Mexico and was just wondering if your lease could be used where I live? Thanks!


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