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Landlord Tenant Nightmare

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I have written about my own personal nightmare tenant situations in the past, but I just read an article that pretty much makes my experience seem like a walk in the park.  If you’ve ever wondered what a good tenant benchmark might be for a worst case scenario, read on!

Here’s what happened.  The landlord moved a new tenant into one of his apartments.  She paid the security deposit and the first month’s rent, but she basically vanished soon thereafter.  Left behind was her friend, an unemployed drug addict with a criminal record.  Lovely!

Inevitably, the police had to come out to the property multiple times because the druggie was blaring load music and had people coming and going at all hours of the night.  So the property owner decided to do an eviction, but unfortunately he botched the paperwork on the first attempt so he had to go through the eviction process a second time before finally succeeding.

Now here’s the best part.  The apartment was left in utter disarray, filled with hundreds of syringes, junk, feces, and other unpleasant items.  So bad in fact, that the landlord hired a junk hauling company…which ultimately turned down the job!  You just know it must be bad if the apartment is so filthy that a professional junk hauling & clean up company refuses the job!  Luckily for the landlord, he was able to ultimately find a company to clean up the mess and make the necessary repairs – for a whopping $8k! 

So the moral of this story is to sell all of your income properties now and run like hell.  Ok, just kidding.  The real moral is that you must engage in proper tenant verification and screening practices to minimize the odds of landing a nightmare tenant.  If the landlord in this story had just done a criminal background and tenant history check, he could have avoided the nightmare and saved himself a lot of money and aggravation to boot.

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