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Of Designer Architects and Apartment High Rises

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For decades, celebrity architects have been leaving their stamp on the New York City commercial real estate market through their unique work on designer office buildings. Over the past few years though, the city has witnessed a different trend with more and more big architects being commissioned to take over the helm of apartment high rises.

From Manhattan’s West Side to Carnegie Mellon street, these designer constructions are making a statement in all kinds of ways. While some are fighting it out for the honor of the tallest residential tower, others are gaining distinction through the property valuations attached to their creations.  With some penthouses going for as high as $100 million, these apartments are definitely not to be sneezed at.

The challenge for many of the big-name architects is to create edifices that are distinctive enough to be deserving of their asking price, while still respecting the ambiance of their surroundings. While some have managed to achieve this, others have ended up lending their own unique touches to finish the backdrop. Either way, it’s definitely a boon to NYC.

To read more about this trend, click here to read a great Wall Street Journal article entitled, “The Rhythm of a City Block.”

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