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"Rental Application Overview, Advice, Tips & Tidbits"

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As a landlord of multifamily properties, you'll need a good rental application to help conduct the tenant verification on potential tenants. Click here to access the one I use, plus 24 other landlord forms, for free.


Your rental application should provide everything you need to run a credit check, verify income, and investigate previous tenancies. Specifically:

  • Name and social security number to check creditworthiness.
  • Previous addresses, including prior landlord contact info so you can call and get the scoop.
  • Current employment details so you can make sure the applicant can afford the rent, thereby allowing you to get the property income you need.
  • Request for disclosure of prior evictions. Whenever an applicant has previously been evicted, automatically reject him.
  • Names of all intended occupants.


  • Charge an application fee to cover your property expenses (I charge $25)
  • Ask for ID after the applicant completes the application to verify identity
  • Verify written employment info by asking for the applicant's 2 most recent pay stubs
  • Call current employers and prior landlords to get information
  • If possible, try and verify the written employer phone never know if you might be talking to the applicant's buddy on the other end!
  • Be skeptical when calling previous landlords (do it, but have your "BS Radar" on high alert)
  • If you find any inaccurate info on the rental application, immediately reject the applicant because he is trying to hide something.


Click here to download a PDF version of a property rental application you can use right now (note: you'll need Adobe download a copy, click here).

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3 Responses to Rental Application Overview, Advice, Tips & Tidbits

  1. yDm1969 says:

    Awesome! I have been searching for a good and free rental application. Thanks – this one is even better than the rental property application I saw on eBay for $10.

  2. adrian says:

    I was wondering if the renal application should be state-specific? I read that some real estate forms must be start specific in order to comply with local laws, but I’ve not seen anything specific to the rental application. So, any help would be much appreciated!

  3. Thinker says:

    Just a comment per Adrian’s question. I really don’t think the rental application needs to be state specific. Mine is all generic landlord language. It’s never been an issue for me personally…

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