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Report on Home Sales for 2011

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Home Sales


At the end of another difficult year for the housing market, home sales weathered the storm better than projected. In its entirety, 2011 ended with December being the third continuous month to see a rise in sales numbers. A combination of low prices and encouraging mortgage packages played a key role in spurring on the numbers. The recovery in sales numbers however, has not had quite the desired impact on property prices, as the sale of foreclosed properties continues to dominate the market.

Despite this, market players are taking consolation in the fact that excess inventory is slowly being soaked up. Despite new foreclosed properties finding their way to the market every day, realtors calculate that the current real estate market is seeing its lowest inventory of homes for sale since early 2005. Compared to the recent past, the 8 month supply from this time last year, and 7.2 month supply in November, stands at an encouraging 6.2 month supply of homes for sale as of today.

Builders and buyers (both homeowners and buyers of rental properties) are both displaying positive sentiments towards the market, and key players are confident that the housing recovery has begun.

Of course this is only a summary of the current trend, and as such I would encourage you to read the full story. For more stats and a detailed analysis, please click here.

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