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RMI at a Five Year High

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A strong RMI means more Remodling


The RMI (Remodeling Market Index) posted 46.6 in the final quarter of 2011, up from 41.7 in the third quarter. While an RMI below 50 is generally an indicator of low market activity, the current numbers mark an all time high in the last five year period.

Remodelers are attributing this to the fact that the current housing situation is inducing more homeowners (and rental property investors) to stay put, rather than move houses. This is encouraging home improvement activity, boosting remodeling figures significantly for the industry. Remodeling activity as per the index has been most noteworthy in the major additions category, up from 45.2 to 52.3, and the minor additions category, up from 45.7 to 50.1.

Industry players are reigning in their excitement for they are well aware that credit remains tight in the market and recovery for the economy has been slow in coming. However, indicators for the remodeling industry are positive as demand grows in the residential market.

The remodeling world looks forward with cautious optimism at 2012. And I mean, REALLY cautious as there have been several fits and starts in recent months.

To find more statistics for this story, click here.

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