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Skills for Combating the Housing Downturn

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Home Repairs


Stepping into its fifth year, the housing crisis has taken a heavy toll on homeowners and rental property investors.  While many have surrendered to foreclosures and short sales, others are fighting hard to keep their heads above water.

With the threat of bailiffs coming knocking on the door looming large in the minds of every homeowner with an outstanding mortgage, attempts are being made in every direction possible to cut down on costs.

An important and often over looked avenue for cost savings is home upkeep. In times of plenty, most homeowners don’t bat an eyelid at paying the electrician $200 for the installation of an electric device which costs $50. But during times of economic downturns, whether you’re a landlord or a homeowner, these costs can mean the difference between meeting your monthly payments and defaulting.

With this in mind, Walter Mullins, a retired banker, is providing the invaluable service of helping homeowners gain basic home repair skills. Ranging from basic wiring, to how to inexpensively repair drywall, his 8 week courses are aimed at enabling homeowners to meet their own day to day property maintenance requirements. This is yet another unique way in which Americans have come together to help each other beat the current housing downturn.

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