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The Importance of a Go-To Investment Property Handyman

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The older I get the more I realize that I can’t, nor should I, do it all.  In my younger days I had no problem busting my hump for 12-14 hours a day doing a variety of work-related tasks.  But now I realize the flaw in this mindset: you can’t scale your business – whether investment property or something else – if you are the one doing all the work.  Unless you’ve mastered the art of cloning yourself, it is important to delegate as many tactical tasks as possible so you can focus more of your time and energy on strategic issues and decisions.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do as a rental property investor is to find a reliable, reasonably-priced handyman that can help you with general maintenance and repair tasks.  As the strategic decision-maker, you should not be spending your time fixing toilets.  Having a reliable handyman will allow you to outsource these mundane tasks and subsequently focus your time on managing tenants, improving profits, and finding your next deal.

In addition to enabling you to focus on the more strategic aspects of your business, having a trustworthy handyman will also save you time and stress.  For example, my target area is about 30 minutes from my home.  Depending on the nature of the repair or maintenance task at hand, it can actually take me more time to drive back and forth than to actually make the repair.  I consider my time to be valuable, and this is a blatant waste of my precious time.

The bottom line is that having a good handyman will increase your overall property costs a little, because you will be paying someone to do the dirty work instead of you having to do it.  But in my opinion this is well worth the added cost because you will save time, have fewer headaches, and be able to focus more energy on improving your overall business.

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