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The Role of Freddie Mac in the Housing Recovery

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Freddie Mac Detour


While Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae figure large in the Obama administration’s efforts to help out beleaguered homeowners during the current housing crisis, reports on the two mortgage houses continue to look grim.

There have been several attempts to revitalize the two afflicted lending giants – both by the Treasury and by President Obama – leading to the two houses jointly receiving the biggest bailout in the current crisis.  But their progress in recent months remains controversial.

Critics of the two houses are quick to blame them for the current housing crisis and believe they haven’t played a large enough part in helping the residential market recover (NOTE: commercial real estate is covered separately).  Some doubts have also surfaced about the current leadership at Freddie Mac, raising questions about the organization’s continued role in helping distressed homeowners.

However, the market acknowledges that with the private securities market showing no signs of revival, the two organizations will play an important role in any plans aimed at staging a recovery in the housing sector.

For more details on these developments, click here.

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