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Unveiling the Latest in Home Products

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PLazmafire Home Products


Whether you’re an investment property landlord or a ‘regular’ homeowner, it’s always helpful to keep on top of the latest trends in home products. 

Manufacturers of products for the home can be rather predictable in the products they will be launching at the various trade shows. If the real estate market is healthy and thriving, you can count on seeing quirky, lavish, and crazy home products like heated toilet seats with wash and dry capabilities. At times of crisis is when you can expect to see really useful products, stripped of all whimsy and extravagance to make them affordable to the masses.

This year definitely counts among one of the hardest hit years for the housing market, yet the market is already seeing some positive signs and hoping for a healthier 2012 to come. Attendees of the International Builders Show (held from February 8-11) saw a mix of spiffy and practical products on display.

Several high-end home products expected to be unveiled this year.  One of the most anticipated launches is the Napoleon PLazmafire, which is a synthetic fireplace that can be hung on the wall much like a regular picture frame. The product is, however, not just for show, as this $1,600 fireplace is remote controlled and can generate 20,000 British thermal units (BTUs) of heat! A few other home products that are expected to generate a significant amount of interest include a hands-free faucet, a smart thermostat, and a battery operated deadbolt that can operated by keys ranging from the digital to the regular.

Click to read more about this year’s hot new home products.

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