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Using Technology to Boost Real Estate Success

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real estate technology


In this struggling real estate market, where most real estate agents and agencies consider themselves successful simply by breaking even, one company has done the unthinkable and beaten their own sales figures from last year.  Blue Ridge, Georgia’s Coldwell Banker High Country’s Realty, posted a 49% year-on-year increase in number of homes sold in 2011 relative to the number sold in 2010.

The firm credits its success to its ability to meet the customer’s increasing need for information.  It took the initiative to update its information tools and systems at the beginning of 2011, and has since found that this move has paid dividends.  An important part of their strategy has been developing a specialized website for smartphones that allow customers to find specific properties through GPS integration.  Customers can also simply text a property code to the firm to receive detailed listing information on homes and rental properties of interest.

The firm’s leadership team already has plenty of new strategies and plans for 2012 and expects to outdo their numbers for 2011.  They believe the secret to their success is an understanding of their customers’ need for updated, real time information, and meeting this need in an effective and efficient manner.

As you can see, technology is useful if used properly. As such, I would encourage you to read more about how this agency managed to make the most out of its technological initiatives. For more details on this story, please click here.

One Response to Using Technology to Boost Real Estate Success

  1. tally says:

    Technology can certainly give a company an edge. These online rental application services are up and coming. There are a few out there for property owners. Personally I like

    The GPS intergrations is great. There is something really special about being able to see things spatially.

    Great post keep up the great work.

    – Tally

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