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What Tenants Want in a Landlord

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landlord love

If you want good tenants, you must be a good landlord, period.  Most tenants know as soon as they walk into a showing what kind of landlord you are. 

For example, if your investment property is in a state of disrepair, or is not clean, that will send a certain message.  On the other hand, a different message is sent altogether if your property is well-kept, clean and in good overall shape.

You may be thinking to yourself, “who cares what the tenants want?”  Well I’m here to tell you that you should care, because in order to maximize cash flow you want the best tenants possible, and only a well-maintained rental unit will help you achieve that

goal.  The best tenants have options, and if your property is not appealing, then they will go elsewhere 100% of the time.  If that happens, what you’re left with are the tenants who do not have options.  In other words, if a tenant is willing to move into a rundown apartment, that generally means that he or she has few if any other options.  And tenants with no options are in that situation for a reason.

So yes, you must understand what tenants want so you can maintain your property in a way that appeals to them. It is only by appealing to all tenants that you will be able to find the best tenants.  As such, here is a list of the most common things that tenants want from an apartment as well as from its landlord.

  1. Professionalism, courtesy, respect and responsiveness from the landlord
  2. A well maintained and clean property, both inside and out, with no broken items or foul odors
  3. An apartment that is free from insects and other pests
  4. An apartment that is free from excessive noise
  5. An apartment that is not overpriced
  6. Functional appliances that work properly
  7. Extra security features that promote tenant safety
  8. Adequate storage space and parking

Simply following these extremely basic best-practices will go a long way toward helping you attract good tenants.  So at a minimum, always make sure nothing is broken, and that the apartment is clean and smells good when you show it (think: curb appeal).  If you aren’t even willing to do these things, trust me, sooner or later you’ll be sorry.  Good luck!

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