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Why Invest in College Towns?

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College Town Investing Works!


If you are on the market for an income property, it might be time to turn your attention towards college towns, as there are no landlords in the country as happy as the ones with rentals in these areas.

The reason is that the typical college town ecosystem basically guarantees a balanced economy because of steady employment and a near constant demand as students come and go each year.  And as an added bonus, college housing offers the failsafe guarantee of education never going out of fashion. In fact, the current economy is resulting in a growing number of students, as many of the unemployed opt to use the crisis to go back to school to update their skills.

The surge in demand has helped to increase rents by a neat 5% in the past year, and market experts expect to see another 5% hike over the next year or so.  Of course, these trends increase the number of people who might consider investing in these types of income properties, thereby jacking up the competition.  But the good news is that investors can still expect to find favorable deals in neighboring college towns.  That said, for the best income margins, veteran investors advise buying college rental homes as close to the campus as possible.

What do you think about investing in college towns?  If you want more information, a great CNN Money article on the subject can be found here.

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