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rent vs buy


Obviously us rental property investors LOVE to buy!  But for those non-investors debating the timeless question of rent vs. buy, market reports are finally offering a clear cut answer.

It is now undoubtedly better to buy than rent in a market where property prices are in the toilet, mortgage rates are rock bottom and rents are spiraling out of control. Recent reports reveal that this is true in an overwhelming 98 of the top 100 housing markets.

However, some of this news has to be acted upon with caution, and even taken with a pinch of salt. For starters, mortgage rates may be scraping new depths every day but financing has also become harder to get than ever.  Secondly, reports may say that buying is cheap in New York, but you need to understand that they are not necessarily referring to Manhattan.  They may not even be talking about the kind of properties you would be interested in purchasing, so make sure you do your homework before you decide to jump in and buy.

The fortunes of the real estate industry are set to turn the corner. Any investment decisions you make at this juncture need to be carefully thought out and tested. For more information on how exactly to do this, click here.

One Response to Would you Rent or Buy?

  1. Drish says:

    My brother recommended I would like this website. He was totally right. This made my day. Thank you!

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